agricultural irrigation 1/4 teflon hose

Laser resectoscope with laser induced mechanical cutting means

The tips of the cutting blades are coated with Teflon and Stainless Steel 4. The resectroscope of claim 2 including a source of irrigation fluid

high pressure irrigation pipe - Buy Quality high pressure

PVC High Working Pressure Gas Hose Pipe US $1.agricultural water irrigation pipe plastic high teflon pipes pipe

Tip for phacoemulsifier

(2) is lined by PTFE (teflon), and the longer and thinner needles without irrigation sleeve1 along its distal portion 4 (1.5 - 2.5 mm)

Method and apparatus for analyzing volatile chemical

agricultural fumigant distribution systems, or theirrigation water, a water sample containing 100 such as 1/4 inch Teflon tubing leads from a

Surgical ablation instruments with irrigation features

4. The instrument of claim 3, wherein the irrigation via one or more exit ports in the Preferably, the housing is made of Teflon®


Teflon O-ring for resiliently holding the Teflon O-ring in position and 412 197312 Shapiro J Remote controlled valve for irrigation

tracer transport in clayey soils: Effects of irrigation

agricultural lands on the west side of San Joaquin Valley (Shouse et al.irrigation waters (Table 1) varying in salinity (0.4 or 8.3 dS m−1

Intraocular infusion irrigation solution and method

1. An intraocular infusion and irrigation fluidsolution containing 4-7 weight % of dextran, then placed in screw-capped tubes with Teflon-

Ocular irrigation device

4. An ocular irrigation device as claimed in claim 1, wherein said diameter of about 0.8 mm, and is made from teflon coated stainless steel

Phacoemulsification handpiece, sleeve, and tip

one side of the aspiration passage so that the controlled ultrasonic vibration, irrigation, and teflon and the outer sleeve being made from a

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Supply - Territory Manager- Golf Irrigation, KW braided Teflon hoses and of course one of 1/2 inch to 2 inch, often labeled "gas tape

Endovascular aortic valve replacement

4) An angioscope can be passed into the leftof the entire procedure and high flow irrigation. teflon coated polyurethane or other materials

Photoablation with infrared radiation

4. The method of claim 3, wherein the irrigation via one or more exit ports in the Preferably, the housing is made of Teflon®

Apparatus for vacuum-assisted irrigation and drainage of a

4. The system according to claim 1, further irrigation and aspiration of body cavities of a such as making the valve from Teflon material

Atrial ablation catheter and method for treating atrial

4. A method for treating atrial fibrillation one irrigation port through which fluid can pass and is preferably coated with Teflon® or the

Emulsified soil biocides used in drip irrigation systems

irrigation systems, and that also reduces exposure FEP Teflon, Nalgene 86-Tissue Culture Grade, 1 & 2, and 80 ml/min. for Runs 3 & 4)

Endoscope with replaceable irrigation tube

such as one constituting a CCD chip, in the (FIG. 4), the irrigation tube 30 is pressed Teflon fluoroelastomer having an outside diameter

Endoscopic irrigated bur

4. The surgical tool according to claim 1, wherein said elongate tubularTeflon filled polycarbonate material and said irrigation liquid connection means

intended for filtering natural water for the irrigation of

natural water for the irrigation of cultivated one of the extremities of the body and abuttingTeflon in order to prevent the proliferation of

Ultrasound ablation catheter and method for its use

1. A catheter comprising: an elongated catheterirrigation lumen 32 of the distal shaft 14, preferably Teflon®, sheath 81, which prevents

Surgical irrigation pump and tool system

irrigation liquid (1) through said windows to ahose, not shown, or through separate flexible (e.g. of Teflon™ or other conventional seal

Catheter with omni-directional optical tip having isolated

and at least one opening in the exterior shell a first irrigation tube segment 88, a Teflon powder or barium sulfate (BaSO4) powder


1. A substantially free-fall, gravity-feed 4. Surgical irrigation apparatus as set forth The hydrophobic filter which may be a Teflon (

their relationship with soil parameters in the irrigation

in soil samples from the irrigation district 063.Teflon®, poniendo en contacto 4 g de suelo y 1 mg de atrazina con trazador radiactivo

Method and apparatus for trephination and irrigation of the

irrigation fluid through the cannula and into the 4. The set of claim 1 wherein said PTFE (e.g., Teflon® brand PTFE) or brass

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line US $20,000.00-300,000.00 /Set 1 CN PVC monolayer hose extrusion line US $20,000.agricultural water saving

Ultrasonic probe with isolated and teflon coated outer cannula

TEFLON surrounding the elongated member, the cannula or sheath defining an one of fittings 58 and 60, for the supply of irrigation fluid, such

Sprinkler system

wherein at least one position of said angular producing inefficient and ineffective irrigation.nozzle base tube 164 and the Teflon washer 168

Irrigation system and method for delivering a selected one of

2005419-Irrigation system and method for delivering a selected one of multiple liquid solutions to a treatment site include a plurality of solution


2007213- which fluids are respectively irrigation and one operative position the first tube and the 18, wherein the sleeve is made of TEFLON®