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A High Humidity Resistance Halogen-free Lead-free Copper Clad

2014821-Aleksandar ArsenijevicBojana StojanovicBranka PopovicNebojsa ArsenijevicStipan JonjicMiodrag L. LukicElsevier B.V.Journal of Neuroimmunology

Role of intra-operative duplex ultrasound in living renal

When the resistance index was <0·5 intra-operatively, immediatesurgical M. BejicS. DegliseG. NseirF. SaucyM. MatterJ. -Y. Meuwly

Efficacy of CD34+ Stem Cell Therapy in Nonischemic Dilated

in Patients With Diabetes but Preserved in Patients With Insulin Resistance. Kravos N, Zemljic G, Cukjati M, Cernelc P, Haddad F, Wu JC,

Drug-resistant TB

Drug-resistant TBR. KoricaJ. KoricaN. KoricaM. VucicM. Duronjic (Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina)

Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth and Fracture Resistance of

and Fracture Resistance of SA350 LF2 Material P.automated closed loop servo hydraulic testing JIC such as regression line, data spacing, crack

Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection Induces Susceptibility to

resistance to EAE in mouse strain by enhancing proinflammatory phenotype of Arsenijevic NJonjic SFrontiers Media S.A.Frontiers in Immunology

IRF9 upregulation with drug resistance in multicellular

resistance and suggest an important role for a STAT1-independent IRF9 up-Slavica BrnjicHanif RassoolzadehPaola PellegriniDan GrandérRolf Larsson

Antibiotic Resistance in Urinary Isolates ofEscherichia coli:

colihad the highest antimicrobial resistance to trimethoprim / sulfamethoxazole Abduzaimovic A, Aljicevic M, Rebic V, Vranic S, Abduzaimovic K,

Reliability of the bending resistance of welded beam-to-

Skejic et al. / Journal of Constructional Steel the design resistance of an unstiffened column hydraulic jack with 250 kN (tension) capacity

Innovative earthquake resistant timber-glass buildings

B er, B., Premrov M., Sustersic, I., Dujic, B.: Innovative earthquake resistant timber-glass buildings, Natural Science, 5, pp. 63-71, 2013.,


Over all the intestial colonization resistance increased significantly in day seven. The porportion of Bifidobacterium was significantly increased in day seve

Deletion of IL-33R (ST2) Abrogates Resistance to EAE in BALB/

Milovanovic M, Volarevic V, Ljujic B, Radosavljevic G, Jovanovic I, Arsenijevic N, Lukic ML (2012) Deletion of IL-33R (ST2) abrogates resistance

of virus-infected cells and mediate resistance to infection

recognition of virus-infected cells and mediate resistance to infection (158.EveMarie GendronPontbriandMarina BabicAstrid KrmpoticStipan JonjicSilvia Vidal

The quitch grass as a source of resistant genes to wheat rusts

breeding program of wheat, as donors Sr and Lr genes of resistance to Centar za strna zitaStojanovic, JJerkovic, ZMilijic, SJevtic, R

Brief Analysis on Wear Resistance of Coupler for Rotary-

The text tells how wear resistance of coupling plates in a rotary-piston type wet shotcreting machine affects the efficiency of the gunite work.We have

Valves And Heat Exchangers |

The article offers information on the July 30, 2013 Herbicide and Weed Resistance Management seminar sponsored by the trade group the American Soybean

Resistance to mousepox virus: CD94 on a special mission

Resistance to mousepox virus: CD94 on a special mission.mother-to-child Elsevier Inc.Immunitydoi:10.1016/j.immuni.2011.04.002Jonjic STrsan T

Proteome analysis of hypothalamus in diet-induced obese and

Biennial Conference of the Chinese Society for NeuroscienceNovak, C.M., C.M. Kotz, and lA. Levine, Central orexin sensitivity, physical activity, and

mixed convection on the external thermal resistance ofsingle

Publication » Effect of mixed convection on the external thermal resistance ofsingle-core and multicore bundled cables in air. Effect of mixed convectio

Characterization of a cAMP-dependent protein kinase mutant

To clarify the role of PKA in cisplatin resistance, we have performed a M.E. Cvijic, K.V. Chin, Characterization of a cAMP-dependent protein

Cisplatin resistance and regulation of DNA repair in cAMP-

Cisplatin resistance and regulation of DNA repair in cAMP-dependent protein LIU, B., CVIJIC, M.E., JETZT, A. and CHIN, K.V., Cisplatin

Curative effect observation on multiple drug resistant

Karcic E,Aljicevic M,Bektas S,et al.Antimicrobial Susceptibility/Resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae[J].Mater Sociomed,2015,27(3):180-184

Interference resistance of Adaptive Multiuser Detection in

Athar Qureshi, Triantafyllos Kanakis, Predrag Rapajic, "Interference Resis- tance of Adaptive Multiuser Detection in Asynchronous Detect and Forward Relaying

ST2/ BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice are susceptible while BALB/c

Marija, MilovanovicVladislav, VolarevicBiljana, LjujicGordana, RadosavljevicIvan, JovanovicNebojsa, ArsenijevicMiodrag L., Lukic

[The appearance of genes for resistance to antibiotics at

[The appearance of genes for resistance to antibiotics at pigs in farms]Palasevski, BDobric, DjErski-Biljic, MZakarija, D

Market of innovative timber products in Europe and Serbia and

adequate European standard, wood species it is made of and fire resistance.Glavonjic´, BFaculty of ForestryGlasnik Šumarskog Fakulteta